Everything's Better with (Turkey) Bacon and Other Sizzling Hot Links

SFGate - One Turkey Bacon Stands Out in the Flock
We have a stock of Oscar Mayer's Louis Rich turkey bacon from Costco, and it is surprisingly bacon-like. It won't render enough fat to cook other things in, and it doesn't ever get as crispy as the real deal, but the taste is close enough to make it a good "everyday" bacon.

Health - Solving My Own Energy Crisis: Better Diet and Sleep Strategies
I can handle the healthy eating; it's the sleeping that gets me.

Kraft Live Healthy and Happy - Superfoods
General good advice on eating plenty of vegetables. If you don't mind commercial overtones, Kraft's newsletters are the best of the food manufacturer e-mails I've sampled.

Health - Heart-Healthy, Cost-Conscious Recipes and Food Tips
Interesting info on the latest in nutrition research, with recipes. More evidence that healthy eating and cheap eating can intersect!

Now I'm going to go bury myself under a blanket for the duration of the weekend. Where did the sun go?!

But first -- BOO!!!

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