Monday Meal Planning

Last week's pizzaIt's Monday again, which for me is shopping day. It's also a work day, which brings both benefits and drawbacks. For me, the reduced crowds at Fred Meyer and Costco outweigh having to shoehorn in another task on the first writing day of my week.

Have you ever visited Costco on a Saturday? I don't recommend it.

I'm attempting this week to reign in grocery costs even more than usual as the Costco bill felt a little extra painful last week (thanks to having to refill our stocks of yogurt, sandwich cheese, and dishwasher detergent). Thus, I'm sticking to meats I have stocked in the freezer and planning on a lot of pasta.

I'm also looking this week for meals that will pull together quickly, like sandwiches. Much as I try, I'm unlikely to get out of the kitchen in under an hour no matter what I make. Rachael Ray doesn't have to dig all her pans out of crowded cupboards, clean her produce, or wait for an electric stove to heat up. I do, and it cuts out a big chunk of the day if I'm set on making something ambitious, like chicken and dumplings.


Chicken and rice casserole with mixed veggies
Oil and vinegar slaw


Penne with broccoli in cheese sauce


Grilled Reubens
Oven fries


Spaghetti with mixed-nut pesto and chicken sausage


Beef tacos in corn tortillas
Mashed black beans
Oil and vinegar slaw


Pepperoni pizza


Spaghetti with meat sauce

Photo: Colleen Fischer

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