The Sky Is Falling! And Other News Bites

Not really, Chicken Little. But sometimes it feels that way when I see the grocery bill!

Poked and Prodded - Will the Bad Economy Force Unhealthy Changes to Our Diets?
I definitely feel the pull of ramen noodles these days, but we're sticking mostly to the plan of eating less meat and not buying junky snacks that waste our money.

Hungry Girl - Lunchbox Finds
I'm considering those Flatout wraps right now. I always find that tortillas split or spill when I try to make a wrap, plus one with reasonable calorie stats often doesn't hold much filling.

Health - Tea Is Trendy Again: Health Benefits Caught on Camera
Who knew tea was so good for your heart? Or even your teeth? I so need to drink more tea. It might prevent Alzheimer's, prevent cancer, and improve immune function, too. Apparently, tea is the miracle drug my family has been lacking. Make sure you stick with brewed tea to get the benefits, not wannabe bottled "tea."

Health - For Healthy Eyes, Think Broccoli and Kale, Not Carrots
More reasons to be eating your veggies, people! A dose of healthy fat alongside makes absorbing nutrients easier for your body, so don't think you have to stick with the steamer, either.

Health - How to Satisfy Late-Night Cravings
Soup is another way to go for a low-cal but filling nosh. I've also heard that something like easily digestible like saltines can help you sleep. I like a small bowl of cereal with skim milk sometimes myself.

Well Blog - Women’s Heart Symptoms Often Blamed on Stress
Stress does cause unpleasant symptoms, but apparently it's unwise simply to chalk up (or allow your doctor to chalk up) worrying symptoms to bad coping skills.

Have a great weekend!

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