The Miracles of Chicken Soup and Other Steaming Hot Links

Poked and Prodded - Chicken Soup: Can It Really Lower Blood Pressure?
Maybe the relaxation induced by comfort food might help, but salty broth isn't going to do much for your arteries. Still, you can always eat chicken soup for its cold-soothing properties.

Healthy Eating - New Vitamin Guidelines: Easy Ways to Double Your D
I remember all those 19th-century novels with kids having to force down spoonfuls of cod-liver oil each night. Guess those parents had the right idea.

The Simple Dollar - How to Plan Ahead for Next Week’s Meals (And Save Significant Money): A Step-By-Step Guide
Another guide to meal planning.

The Simple Dollar - The Power of the Chaperone
Odd. I thought most people recommended avoiding shopping with kids in tow because they plead and whine extra junk into the cart. Maybe it's an age thing.

ABC News - The 10 Best Foods You Aren't Eating
I'm not eating beets, guava, Swiss chard, purslane, pomegranate juice, dried plums, or pumpkin seeds. For some, it's not that I am opposed - it's just that they are expensive or a pain to prepare. We sure eat a lot of cabbage, though.

Healthy Eating - Nibbling Know-How: Snack Healthier
Healthy snacks are all well and good, but don't use exercise as an excuse to eat more! People always overestimate the number of calories burned by exercise. Stick with your body's hunger cues in deciding how much to eat. Also, even playing a partial short-order chef with kids' meals is a fool's game. Why create the expectation that kid food is at all different from adult food, or that you must alter everything to their taste? Keep presenting the healthy dinner night after night because eventually, kids will overcome their food fears. It usually is fear (specifically, neophobia), not outright dislike, that holds them back.

Have a great, relaxing weekend!

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