Alton Brown Sails the Caribbean Sea

While I get back up to speed on posting now-fascinating information on eating healthy yet inexpensive cuisine (even I'm starting to wonder if we're headed for Great Depression 2.0), I'm going to post a few links to my Well Fed articles from September over the next few days. As always, I'll provide additional info and commentary on them right here, exclusively for my beloved Pennies & Pounds readers.

First up, posted in mid-September on Edible TV: Alton Brown Sails the Caribbean Sea:

Alton Brown and his crew left their motorcycles behind for the latest incarnation of the Feasting series, Feasting on Waves. Instead, the guys (plus girl this time!) departed America’s fair shores to explore Caribbean fare, island-hopping on a couple of well-outfited boats.

(Or are they ships? Is there a difference? Oh, the questions a nautical show raises in we landlubbers!)

Feasting on Waves explores the original melting pot, the islands that Columbus set foot on before the American continents were even a glimmer in Europe’s eye. Hoards of European settlers and African slaves, who displaced the original inhabitants, left their culinary imprint on the islands’ people, leading to their now-featured Creole cooking — as Brown says, “the first true world cuisine.”

Oops, I realize now, looking back at this review, that I neglected to get a picture to go along with it. I plead distraction: At the time I wrote it, I was on deadline . . . for packing. My move date got moved up, and instead of a leisurely schedule for meeting my target article date, I had to get the words out the door ASAP so I could box up the TiVo.

Anyway, Feasting on Waves was eagerly anticipated in our household, as we had watched all of the previous two series. We're devoted Alton Brown fans in general; Good Eats is pretty much the only cooking show my husband will volunteer to watch. Still, Scott especially enjoys seeing Alton sample all the top-notch local specialties along the road on Feasting, and an episode viewed usually leads to his salivating for fried chicken or pie.

Though not pig brains. Ugh.

Unfortunately, with the big move smack in the middle of the series, I did not get to fulfill my dream of reviewing each episode for Edible TV. I haven't even seen the remaining episodes (though I did catch half of one). We didn't get our cable hooked up until this past Sunday, more than two weeks after the move (thanks, Comcast!).

But now my TiVo is up, running, and programmed to capture any series repeats. In the meantime, I can dream about cruising the clear, blue waters of the Caribbean in search of exotic fruits and vegetables while cleverly evading all those pesky hurricanes.

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