Excel Template for Meal Planning

Update: Please remember these meal-planning templates are free for noncommercial use only. Thanks!

Here it is, the promised Excel meal-planning template, only about a week after I posted the last one! Not bad, not bad. This spreadsheet should work in any post-1997 version of Microsoft Excel, part of the Office suite. It might also work in other spreadsheet programs, as the Excel format is pretty standard. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of my Numbers version, but it's still simple to use and will help keep you organized. You'll have space for all the parts of a balanced meal, as well as rows for evaluating and making notes on your meals. Each month is a worksheet within the document. The first worksheet provides space for you to collect a list of your favorite recipes for reference.

Download the Excel meal-planning template.

Download the original Excel document (not saved as a template).

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