Miss Me?

Just wanted to post a quick update on why it's been so long since I've posted. It's not a sign of the end! Rather, I've been without an Internet connection for days and days now. I spent a couple days on the road driving to my new home of Seattle, and though the new pad is great, it lacks Internet access. It could be a while before we can set up an appointment with Comcast to activate our connection as they won't let us schedule until we provide a copy of our lease, and we can't get a copy of the lease until my brother signs it. He won't be around during business hours until Saturday, and then there's the inevitable delay between scheduling and happening . . .

So for now, a little vacation. A working vacation, as I'm unpacking nonstop, but still. Check the links to the right for articles that are posting to Fit Fare and Edible TV in my absence. Thanks for your understanding!

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