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Happy Friday! I'm in a dash with a wedding to attend today, so excuse the disorganization. Enjoy today's links!

Heart & Stroke Foundation - Chewing food slowly lowers calorie intake, ups satisfaction
I find this to be true for myself. When I take my time eating dinner rather than shoveling food into my mouth, I feel full before devouring everything in sight. It helps to avoid reaching "starving" levels of hunger before hitting the dinner table if you want to prevent the shoveling.
(Via Hungry Girl.)

Vegan Lunch Box - Fruit Cozies
How cute! If you're into knitting and snacking on fruit, check these out. Includes a pattern for a banana sleeve.

Well - Rethinking Diets, Weight Loss and Health
A reminder of the importance of self-esteem in successfully making yourself into a healthier person.

Does Fructose Make You Fatter?
Continuing the controversy over high-fructose corn syrup. Incidentally, not all versions are particularly "high" in fructose compared to table sugar, which is 50 percent fructose. On the other hand, there's no arguing with the fact that HFCS is a highly processed food that sneaks its way into tons of innocuous-seeming "natural" products.

Fast Food Critic - Long John Silver’s Super Sampler
I wouldn't tell you to avoid fast-food completely, as you can make some decent choices at most places if you are picking up a meal on the run. But this? Ho-ly fish.

Hungry Girl - Cut Calories in HALF
Suggestions for lightening dishes based on the ideas that inspired the Volumetrics diet.

Poked and Prodded - Can Fruit Juice Be Worse Than Soda?
Apparently, it might up your type 2 diabetes risk. But don't go subbing in soda!

Poked and Prodded - Exercise an Hour a Day? Here’s How to Make It Painless
Your hour of exercise can be cumulative throughout the day.

Well - The Sunny Side of Eggs
I love eggs, so I'm all for reports that their benefits outweigh their risks. I've started eating more egg yolks with my whites lately because I've been hearing they're packed with nutrients.

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