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cooking_live.jpgI have loved cooking ever since I was a kid demanding a turn with the spoon in the brownie batter, but it was my discovery of Food Network when I finally got cable TV in my bedroom (and stopped having to fight for control of the remote with seven other people) that turned my casual interest into a passion. Suddenly, I had a window into the secrets of the kitchen, and I soaked it in at every opportunity.

So many new foods! Shallots, avocados, extra virgin olive oil … and who knew how many different kinds of bacon there were in the world? So many foods I knew showed up in nearly unrecognizable forms: There was sausage that wasn’t Italian or Polish; garlic that didn’t come out of a jar; and herbs that weren’t papery flakes. And even more: Food didn’t have to emerge from strict recipes — with just a few basic techniques, you could improvise to taste!

Maybe it all sounds commonplace now, but it was a revelation to me at the time. And so I want to pay tribute to the shows that started me on the path to culinary creativity.

Check out the rest to learn more about former Weight Watchers member Sara Moulton's classic call-in cooking show.

Some extra tidbits: Sara M. always uses light mayonnaise in her cooking. She says she prefers the taste of it, plus she does try to be health- and weight-conscious after her Weight Watchers days. She does cook rich foods occasionally, but treats in moderation are part of a normal healthy diet. She offers lighter options for meals, such as baked (not fried) chicken wings and vegetarian entrées.

In fact, she followed a vegetarian diet for a while in college, something she often mentions as a great budget tip. After all, a pound of beans or vegetables almost always costs a lot less than a pound of meat, and on top of that, you'll save money in the long run as your health improves!


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