Eggscellent Facts and Other Hot Links

frittata.jpgYou know what would be good now? A nice egg in the hole, with whole-wheat bread and a touch of olive oil subbed in for the butter. Mmm . . .

Good Housekeeping - Eggs Explained: Facts About Eggs
Basics from the significance of color to info about how to store these cheap protein powerhouses. And did you know that a little blood spot in your egg doesn't mean it's bad?

Well - For Health, Body Size Can Be Misleading
Showing us again the importance of making healthy food choices and getting plenty of exercise, even if you're not seeing your weight plummet because of it.

Good Housekeeping - 30 Ideas for School Lunches: Sandwiches and Munchies
It's getting to be that time again! The recipes here aren't all for sandwiches, either.

Cheap, Healthy, Good - If I Had Known Then: Food and Financial Advice for the College-Bound (Also, a Story)
I wish I had known a bit more about food when I was in college, too -- like about the importance of choosing healthy foods and eating more vegetables. I ate a lot of mac and cheese and pizza. Also, when I tried to cook back then, I was always adding tons of ingredients to recipes trying to "perfect" them. Only later did I learn that you don't need a lot of extra spices and such when you use good ingredients with the right techniques.

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