Eating on a Jet Plane

New post today over at Fit Fare:

As I type this, I’m cruising thousands of feet over continental Europe, finally on my way home after a long stay abroad. Or at least almost home — we’re plunging straight from Europe into a series of whirlwind family visits that will take my husband and me through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, and Washington in the next month and a half.

Naturally, I have travel on the brain. And I can’t think of travel without pondering travel snacks! When I was a kid, the one thing that made eight to 14 hours in the car with my parents and five brothers bearable was the variety of snack foods and beverages my mom let us stock the van with before leaving. My mom didn’t usually allow us unlimited access to junk food as kids, making what was clearly a keep-quiet bribe an extra-special treat.

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morguefile-airplane.jpgHonestly, I did draft this one while up in the air. I started it over the Atlantic, continued through Greenland, and finished it up over Canada, I believe. I was also working on a post for Edible TV at the time, thought that one isn't quite finished yet. I did post recently about an upcoming Food Network casting call, if that interests you.

Speaking of Food Network, when will we see someone on Next Food Network Star with a focus on the big trends sweeping the food blog world, like local, organic, and health-minded eating?

Photo: MorgueFile

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