Gardenburger Frozen Meals

This post is part of a series on low-cal packaged meals. For more, check out previous entries on Michelina's Lean Gourmet, Weight Watchers Smart Ones, Healthy Choice, South Beach Living, and Lean Cuisine.

It's not just a veggie patty anymore.

The Gardenburger brand has expanded its line significantly beyond the famed burger substitute. Not only do they offer wide array of patty choices in the freezer case, but now they produce pretend riblets, wraps, and "chicken" products as well.

Naturally, some of these newer items make a tasty, convenient lunch.


C7512EFC-A8E2-42E8-B33F-9BCB5FC5E90E.jpgBlack Bean Chipotle Wrap
The photo on the box is a poor representation of this product. It looks like some kind of wacky fake chicken parmesan in a tortilla. I almost didn't buy it, which would have been a shame, as this wrap is delicious. It's Gardenburger's already yummy black bean patty coated in a spicy sauce, sprinkled with rich cheese, and stuffed into a whole-wheat tortilla. You get two individually packaged, 240-calorie wraps per box, and they're tastier and more filling (six grams of fiber!) than Lean Pockets.

That's all I have on frozen and prepackaged meals! Being back in the States now, I may have opportunity to sample more in the future. I will keep you apprised!


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