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Fit Fare - » Jell-O Offers a Guilt-Free Rice Pudding: "I participate in the Kraft First Taste program, getting the opportunity to try new products from the company in exchange for feedback. Of course, I’m sure the idea is also that I’ll share with my hundreds of close personal friends how much I adore Maxwell House coffee or Oscar Mayer sandwiches, but hey, it’s free food — who am I to say no? Besides, there’s always the chance to discover a new favorite.

Anyway, one recent sample might be of interest to Fit Fare readers: Jell-O Sugar-Free Rice Pudding Cups. You may be familiar with the other smooth, 60-calorie flavors in Jell-O’s waistline-friendly line. At 70 calories, the rice pudding cups are a tad richer, as might be expected with their chewy star ingredient, but still light as desserts go."

I've tried Oscar Mayer's newest sandwiches most recently (the ones they stock by the Lunchables, which, incidentally, have much less obnoxious packaging these days). The Tuscan Chicken was all right, though messy to put together with its shredded cheese. Scott wasn't too keen on the steak ciabatta sandwich he tried. I remember I liked the Steakhouse Cheddar mini sub last time I tried these sandwiches. I'd recommend going with that one if you seek these out.

I was supposed to try the Maxwell House coffee, but the coupon arrived one day before the expiration date. I tried to use it anyway, but my local grocer did not stock any non-instant Maxwell House. As I didn't feel like dashing over to another grocery store that day, I got no free coffee sample. Sadness . . .

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