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Edible TV - » Jon and Kate Plus Recipes: "Good news for fans of massive-family TV: Jon & Kate Plus 8 returns for season five on May 25. As Kate Gosselin is a enthusiastic cook as well as mothering machine, why not celebrate the resolution of season four’s cliffhanger with some of her family’s favorite recipes?

Kate’s Hearty Meatloaf: This huge, beefy loaf, made with organic ingredients as Kate prefers, makes enough to feed a family as enormous as hers, with leftovers. Budget friendly and, with lots of chopped veggies snuck in, healthy, too. Click through to the Good Morning America site to see the accompanying video featuring Kate and kids."

Took a bit of searching to find recipes that looked authentic to the Gosselins -- there's a lot of people out there looking for Kate's recipes after seeing her cook so much on the show. She ought to consider making her next book a cookbook.

Filthy as it was at first, the kitchen in her new house looks pretty sweet. I don't find my relatively small kitchen to be a hindrance most of the time, but there are occasions when I wish for that kind of storage space.

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