How Do You Handle Holiday Parties?

Here's the word from Good Housekeeping's Constant Dieter:

Avoiding the Dangers at Holiday Parties - “I've been trying to adopt what I did for Thanksgiving -- relax about it all and zoom in on the stuff I really want.

Rather than stressing about every little morsel, I just focus my cravings.
When I arrive at a party, I first scope out the situation by taking a slow, unobtrusive walk around the party to survey what munchies are being offered. And I look for THE thing. THE thing that I want to eat so badly I know I can't resist. (Last night, it was warm brie and crackers.) Then I make the decision to zoom in on that particular thing. And I go for it.”

I know I can't (yet, at least) look past the delicious food set out at a party. Frankly, I look forward to parties for the food, as I'm not much of a social creature.

To reduce the deleterious effects of my party-snacking habit, I first make sure to keep a calorie-free drink in my hand at all times. If I can keep my mouth filled with diet soda, I don't have to entertain it with cheese as much.

Second, I nibble my noshes. If I take small bites of a chip with creamy dip, it will last me longer and I can relish it.

Finally, I rely on the classic strategy of zeroing in on the veggie tray. However, I really like raw vegetables with dip, so it still seems like a treat to me. If you can't dig the crudités, you might want to attempt the Constant Dieter's strategy.

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