Economical Holiday Dinner Plans

The Well blog has an extensive roundup of links to articles offering tips for planning a festive holiday meal without busting your budget:

Holiday Feasting on a Budget - Well Blog - “The budget-conscious dinner party is getting a lot of attention these days as home cooks search for affordable foods to serve holiday guests.

The Boston Globe offers a particularly interesting meal for less than $8.50 a person. Health-conscious revelers will like the gingered mashed sweet potatoes and the interesting cabbage and pomegranate slaw. The glazed braised pork shoulder looks delicious and will be a hit with low-carb eaters.”

Check the original out for more. We'll be making our own Christmas dinner more economical through making the main meal mostly a potluck (how else could you feed more than 30 people?!).

I'm also selecting recipes for my holiday cookie extravaganza based on how exotic and expensive their ingredients are. This year, I'm leaving nut-based cookies off Mrs. Claus' list, and I drew the line at two extracts beyond what was already in the pantry. Altogether, I've spent $20 (on top of what was in the pantry anyway) for ingredients enough to make 10 cookie recipes using this method, leaving me more for spending on presents.

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