Meals for the Week: Abbreviated for Travel

We're leaving tomorrow afternoon for about a week, so the only meal I had planned out was . . . today's. We had my attempt to copy Stouffer's vegetable lasagna, which turned out pretty well except for a salt deficiency.

I thought I had accounted for seasoning all right, adding several pinches of kosher salt to my veggies and breadcrumbs, as well as generously seasoning my cream sauce. I tasted the sauce, and it was delicious on its own, but somehow the flavors became muted when combined into the lasagna.

I blame the noodles in part. Clearly I need to overseason the sauce to make up for the no-boil noodles not having sucked in any of their own salt. Probably the veggies needed more garlic and salt, too.

At any rate, a heavy sprinkle of California-style garlic salt over the top added the missing element for a decent meal. We ate it alongside a tossed salad and the last homemade baguette, which we dipped in delicious seasoned oil.

Incidentally, that oil was seasoned using a mix from the company Herbs for Healthful Living. I can find the whole line of mixes (including the perfect icebox dill pickle mix) at local farmstand/craftsy stores when I'm visiting my family in Pennsylvania, but alas, they apparently have no web site for me to order more from.

I'll have to rely on the old-fashioned method of asking my mom to mail them to me when I need to restock!

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