Quaker Soy Crisps

9B47807A-4E7F-4A2D-A326-E7E0FFF1FE59.jpgNo, don’t run!

Yes, soy crisps may be a relic of the low-carb era, but why make a tasty, low-cal snack into a pariah? Give soy a chance.

Quaker’s soy crisps are crunchy and satisfying. They aren’t overly dry and light-feeling like rice cakes or baked potato chips. A little extra fat and plenty of protein make these tasty yet surprisingly nutritious.

Eighteen round, thick crisps have only 110 calories yet boast 5.5 grams of protein. A typical bag only has three servings, so even if you go overboard with the snacking, it won’t kill you.

Actually, I discovered these trying to find something a bit healthier to snack on than corn chips. They honestly are the only thing that tastes as good to me in the snack chip arena, probably because they're heartier than the insubstantial carbs of rice cakes and have stronger seasonings than most potato chips.

I wouldn't recommend eating them every day -- they are made with processed soy flour and are packed with salt, after all -- but they make a decent treat.

The barbecue flavor is definitely my favorite. The downside is that they are kind of pricey in comparison to other snack chips. Still, if you want to feel somewhat virtuous while indulging in a salty treat, soy chips are a great option.

Photo: QuakerOats.com

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