America’s Test Kitchen Seeks Your Questions

America’s Test Kitchen Seeks Your Questions: "Fans of America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country, listen up: The staff of Cook's Illustrated's television franchises wants to hear from you.

The shows already feature questions from viewers sent in via mail or email, as well as the occasional visit by a local 'neighbor' on Cook's Country. Now, though, the shows are asking fans to call in their questions to a toll-free number, with the possibility of being featured on an upcoming episode."

(Via Edible TV.)

I watch all the shows put out by the Cook's Illustrated folks regularly, but I just don't ever have a question come up that I would think of sending in to them. As far as I'm concerned, there's no mystery in food that can't be solved through referring to my cookbooks or asking Google.

Of course, that probably misses the point these days. I'm guessing that really, no one honestly feels the need to ask a TV show or magazine a question that won't be answered for weeks. They just want the little thrill of getting their name out there to the world.

But even knowing that, I can't formulate any decent questions to submit. Good luck if you're more query-happy than I am.

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