Articles of Independence (Day)!

I'm polishing up the first couple of posts for the site still. Look for more soon on weigh-ins and fruity deliciousness! In the mean time, check out this week's articles of interest:

New York Times - The Claim: Mayonnaise Can Increase Risk of Food Poisoning
I'm glad to see they've finally taken on this old saw, and just in time for July 4th picnics. I discovered mayo had been given a bad rap years ago on the wonderful Good Eats. I'd like to present Rachael Ray with this article particularly. She's always going on about how her mayo-free slaw and salad recipes are designed to be great for picnics, but in truth, she just doesn't like the taste of mayonnaise. Admit it on the show already!

WebMD - Top 10 Healthy Summer Foods for Children
Last I checked, though, it wasn't just kids who loved hamburgers and nachos! Find suggestions for lightening up beloved junk staples here. (Via That's Fit.)

Vegan Lunch Box - Summer Veg Out Part III: EASY & EATEN
A cute and simple idea for making vegetables more appealing to kids. Take away the emotional blackmail; add the ability to sample at their own pace what they're curious about.

Fad - Cheaters Tips
It's a humorous list with perhaps a bit more truth to it than dieters might like. Have a laugh while the voice in the back of the head asks, "But isn't that true?!" (Via That's Fit.)

Epicurious - Budget Boosters
Everyone's chiming in with tips for saving money at the supermarket these days. Most this article is the same old advice about shopping around and using coupons, but there's a few more innovative hints buried in there: How about simply asking the deli worker to slice your cold cuts a little thinner to stretch them over more sandwiches?

Well - The 11 Best Foods You Aren't Eating
This post is taking the web by storm (as many entries in Tara Parker-Pope's blog do -- she's really tapping the zeitgeist), so you may have already seen it. If not, go learn about the glories of cabbage (coleslaw today, anyone?) and turmeric.

New York Times - Solution, or Mess? A Milk Jug for a Green Earth
I've been dying to weigh in on this one! Read the article before lashing out at the new, more cubical milk jugs. They may be difficult to pour, but they're working wonders for production efficiency (milk from the cow to the store in the same day!) and environmental conservation. Not to mention that they've caused one of the few drops in food prices. To the people who can't stand the jugs, I ask: Why not just pour the milk into your own spout-bearing reusable container at home? In Europe, milk comes in aseptic boxes that can't be sealed after opening, yet there's been no crying here. Besides, I don't see how much has changed. The old gallon jugs spill milk all over when they're full, too.

New York Times - Diabetes: Underrated, Insidious and Deadly
More from Tara Parker-Pope, this time her regular weekly column. Diabetes is soaring with so many Americans overweight and obese, and unfortunately, it seems, people either don't know or don't take seriously the very real and debilitating complications of the disease. If you need a reason to get down to a healthy weight, look here. It is possible to prevent type-2 diabetes and its accompanying problems!

New York Times - Aging: Good Cholesterol, Good Memory
Check this article out for motivation to add more monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, into your diet.

A Mighty Appetite - Kind-Hearted Cake
Kim O'Donnel bakes a vegan cake, free of unhealthy solid fats, for a sweet-toothed friend returned to work after a coronary bypass operation. A good reminder that we can still treat friends and family with heart problems without unfairly tempting them away from their artery-friendly diets.

Well - Lying About Your Vegetables
Studies often show Americans eating far more vegetables than they really do. The big survey studies certainly are flawed -- I myself can't remember what I ate two days ago without checking my food diary. But let's not forget the takeaway: Eat more vegetables! Lying about your consumption only hurts you.

MSNBC - Cleveland Clinic pairs with Weight Watchers
Wow, talk about practicing what you preach! (Via That's Fit.)

CNN - Get more flavor, nutrition from produce with the right prep
I find that information on the best way to prepare produce changes a lot (boiling? steaming? microwaving?), but for the most part, eating veggies prepared any way beats not eating them. The bit about cooking tomatoes to increase the amount of lycopene you can get from them seems pretty consistent across articles, though.

And that's it! Have a great holiday weekend!

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